Vacheron Constantin Harmony Tourbillon Chronograph Review

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When it comes to the new works on 2015 SIHH, the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Tourbillon chronograph has several highlights on its movement, research and development group designed an accurate and reliable timing activation device for the original 45 minutes towed cumulative timer (Rather than the traditional30 minutes accumulated timer), which can be the punchline for the whole watch.

In traditional watch movement structure, if the button pressure is insufficient, although sometimes the timing device can be activated, it may not be normal booted. But this new system, only the timing device is truly open, can the gears and CAM begin turning, thus greatly improving the durability and reliability of the movement of the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Tourbillon watch. The transverse coupling type friction on-off device of the movement adopted the new friction technology, and when the timer is activated, the timing second hand won’t appear slight vibration just like it used to be. In addition, the slide button on the side can ensure that the user control timing function better.

In order to effectively increase the precision of operation, the timer is replaced the Single hammer structure with the double hammer structure, to complete the functions to start, stop, and return to zero for this Vacheron Constantin Harmony Tourbillon chronograph. Returning-to-zero hammer exerts pressure on the heart-shaped CAM, to push its clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, so Pointers can return to zero. After the second stop lever back to the initial position, Returning-to-zero hammer will be reset. What is worth mentioning it that the angular wheel between the winding pinion and the crown shape wheel can ensure smooth and stable winding, and spherical differential driving wheel which displays the power reserve (same connecting the conical gear) can extend the use of the movement. Thanks to modern production technology, the design of the timing wheel and friction system also achieved a major breakthrough: timing gear tooth is exquisite, with just 0.03 mm intervals, to ensure that the gear clearance achieve the minimum.

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