Rolex Watches: Rolex Cellini Reviews

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Rolex is a household name watch brand, a hundred years of development made Rolex occupy the leading position in the industry. While the series watch’s many, Cellini series is one of them, and it is obviously different from the traditional oyster watch.

The advantages and disadvantages of Rolex Cellini, uphold the excellent quality

Cellini series is the representative of Rolex perfect, elegant and superior products. Because it comes from the appreciation and respect of Benvenuto Cellini art, and its former products are shown with unique artistic perspective, so that it has a very big difference compared with Rolex’s DNA, and became a niche product, and stopped producing in many years ago. This year, Rolex Cellini re positioning and design, combined with some classic elements of the original Rolex. With the appearance of some oyster characteristics, so it is also dubbed the “oyster cellini”.

The series retains a 6 point “Cellini” words to declare their origin, nothing more. And interestingly, watch’s time scale are using truncated k gold strip and slender Rome digital scale. The pointer is a dagger needle (it is very rare in Rolex), A big second hand, with white chassis, that gentleman’s delicate style in Europe reflects the most incisively.

Watch equipped with pin buckle, this is still rare in Rolex, even if the Leather Watchband are more using the folding buckle. But compared with the folding buckle, pin buckle will be difficult in the operation, but it is more comfortable.

The main former Rolex Labor leather dress watch is daydate II, 36 mm, while the new Cellini is 39 mm, it is more simple than day date II implicit from all angles Both are the dress watch, each has its own characteristics, it is difficult to make a choice.In addition, Cellini using Rolex automatic movement, and it has the COSC certification, it is equipped with Parachrom blue paramagnetic hairspring, provides a stable time guarantee.

Rolex Cellini is the elegant style watch, and if you want sporty Rolex watch, the rolex submariner replica swiss grade 1 will be also suitable for you.

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