Swiss Watches: Comparing the Vacheron constantin Oversea 49150 and Patek philippe nautilus 5980 watch

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replica watches

From the distribution of small timing dial, in the watchcase of the Vacheron constantin Oversea 49150, there are 3 small dial. They are small second dial, 30 minutes timing dial and 12 hours cumulative timing dial. They vary in size, but are strewn at random. The small second dial center is in a straight line with the center pointer and the 12 point scale. The center of 12 hours and 30 minutes timing dial is in a straight line with the center pointer. Therefore, visually, though they are different in size, they are very symmetrical and in perfect order. However, Patek philippe nautilus 5980 watch make the 30 minutes and 12 hours timing dial as concentric circles. In order to read the time easily, the watch dial uses bluish dark and white bottom, black and red scale. Still, the watch diameter is only 40.5mm, which is smaller than Vacheron constantin Oversea 49150. Also, its small dial is only equivalent to the 30 minutes timing dial of 49150. There are two pointers in the small dial, and three digital scale rings. In this point, Vacheron constantin Oversea is more attractive to people who love sports. Because it is more convenient in terms of time reading.

In terms of timescale, Vacheron constantin 49150 only has stereo, and the pointer is a straight cylindrical arrow pointer, which makes the reading time clearer. However, Patek philippe nautilus 5980 watch adopts the traditional nautilus bar pointer with bar lines on the dial, which makes reading time more funny.

In terms of calendar function, Patek philippe use roulette calendar window display. The date change is conducted by rotating of calendar dial driven by gear train in the movement. However, the date of Vacheron constantin is indicated by the rotating cooperation of two dials of ten digit and single digit. This kind of difference is not important for sporty watches. But for people who pay attention to function and enjoy the movement, such distinction is still worth noting.

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